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Boost Your Profits with Umbrelly Cloud: Customer Success Stories

In this article, we present real success stories of customers who, thanks to Umbrelly Cloud, have been able to increase their profits and reduce their AWS expenses.
Extyhost: A New Direction in Cloud Hosting
Extyhost is a mid-level reseller of cloud services primarily focused on Google Cloud and Hetzner. Initially, they exclusively served clients using Hetzner and Google Cloud services. However, upon discovering Umbrelly Cloud, they actively began servicing clients who were operating on AWS, something they couldn't achieve previously due to significant pricing differences.

It's no secret that Amazon Web Services (AWS), while offering unparalleled global availability and unique capabilities, is also one of the most expensive cloud service providers. This cost disparity often deterred businesses from using AWS, despite their desire to leverage global infrastructure and cutting-edge features.

With Umbrelly Cloud, Extyhost is now successfully competing in the AWS market, offering competitive prices and innovative solutions. This strategic move has not only expanded their customer base but has also allowed them to cater to diverse customer needs, catering to those seeking both cost-effective solutions and powerful cloud services.

Extyhost's journey with Umbrelly Cloud serves as evidence of how businesses can use AWS to increase their profitability while effectively managing their expenses. Umbrelly Cloud provides companies like Extyhost with the opportunity to bridge the gap between accessibility and advanced cloud solutions, leading to mutually beneficial success stories.