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Automated Savings in AWS: How Umbrelly Cloud Helps Save Up to 25% on AWS Services

AWS is a powerful and flexible cloud provider, but its complex pricing system can sometimes lead to unexpectedly high costs for companies. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how Umbrelly Cloud helps companies save up to 25% on AWS services and why this is crucial for businesses.

The Secret to Success: Sharing Saving Plans and Volume Discounts

To understand how Umbrelly Cloud creates conditions for savings, let's delve into two key concepts: Saving Plans and Volume Discounts.

  1. Saving Plans System: Saving Plans are agreements that allow you to save on AWS instance usage. They provide flexibility in choosing instance types and regions but can be complex to manage and use. Umbrelly Cloud takes on this complexity, as well as managing and optimizing Saving Plans.

  2. Volume Discounts: Volume Discounts are discounts on cloud services that a company receives from AWS based on its spending volume. The more you spend in AWS, the higher your discount. Umbrelly Cloud combines the spending volumes of different clients, enabling each of them to access discounts that were previously only available to large corporations.

Umbrelly Cloud operates as follows:

Purchase of Saving Plans: Our organization purchases Saving Plans and Volume Discounts from AWS in large quantities. This means our clients don't have to worry about contract negotiations or the risk of losing money associated with long-term commitments.

Automatic Optimization: Umbrelly Cloud continuously analyzes client spending and optimizes the use of Saving Plans and Volume Discounts. This means that any launched instance will already benefit from a discount, and clients can be confident they are getting the maximum advantage.

Benefits for Clients

  • Time and Resource Savings: Umbrelly Cloud takes care of all aspects of discount optimization and management, allowing clients to focus on their core business tasks.

  • Security and Confidence: Clients can use discounts without the risk of losing money because Umbrelly Cloud procures them for its organization.

  • Savings of Up to 25%: Thanks to the Umbrelly Cloud system, clients can save up to 25% on their AWS expenses, which can significantly boost their profitability.

Boost your profits and save on AWS services with Umbrelly Cloud - your reliable partner for automated savings in the cloud.